Elena Cartier

Elena Cartier is a Registered Massage Therapist and Osteopathic Manual Therapist (College education), Toronto, ON, Canada. An impassioned professional with leading interpersonal skills, Elena’s career has seen her distinguish herself across numerous roles as a rare and engaging healing practitioner.

Having spent the earliest years of her career seeking to build up an expertise across a wide variety of fields, Elena today enjoys a reputation of a veteran’s experience mixed with a contemporary understanding of modern practice and healing. As a result, Elena’s clients enjoy the benefits of a first-class expertise in her field interwoven with an understanding of how to tailor treatment and care to the individual personally.

In particular, Elena prides herself on treating a client in the way that sees beyond the physical body alone and looks deeper to try and find connection and engagement on and to focus on all aspects of the person; physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental levels. She likes to work with “difficult cases” and very happy when she sees positive results from her work. She strongly believes in the healing power of nature, that within each of us is the inherent ability to heal and thrive. During times of imbalance, the therapy treatments help to awaken the healing potential.

At present, Elena’s foundation goal is to provide a Curative Care for clients. Around 70% of Elena’s career has seen her work with MVA (Motor-Vehicle Accident injuries), and she retains a special devotion to treatment in this sphere.

Throughout each and every patient treatment is an ethos that serves as Elena’s guiding star:
“I don’t like to just cure a problem – I instead prefer to cure the problem and the reason behind it.”
This has been Elena’s daily mission for about 10 years practicing and continues to serve as her inspiration every day.

``I don't like to just cure a problem - I instead prefer to cure the problem and the reason behind it.``

Elena Cartier